31/05/2018, начало в 18:30
31/05/2018, начало в 18:30
UA, Дніпро́, вулиця Гоголя 15А
MeetUp “3D Scanning. How it works”
The advent of 3D technologies has opened a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to designing products. 3D scanning has many advantages for product development.

Who can benefit from 3D scanning? The answer is anyone in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, surveying or testing. 3D scanning technology can be applied at any point in a typical manufacturing cycle, saving time, money and material. 3D scanning results in higher quality, better fitting parts that are less costly to manufacture.

In one word, it is extremely important to be on the crest of the wave of the technological advance. That is why, we invite you to join AMC Bridge open meetup and get the relevant knowledge.

Our Software Developer Alexey Zarubin will share his experience of working with 3D scanning processes. He will describe how 3D scanning works, what hardware is required, and, in particular, will tell about Marching cubes and SLAM algorithms used to scan 3D objects.

Language of the presentation is Russian.

It’s free, but the registration is required. Please, fill in the form:
UA, Дніпро́
вулиця Гоголя, 15А